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How to Do A J-Turn (Spin and Go)

Manual transmission
Step 1. Find your straight line through the rear window. Fix your eyes on a spot in the distance, this should keep you on course.

Step 2. Pop it into reverse and floor the throttle.

Step 3. At around 25-30mph take your foot off the accelerator. This doesn't need to be a pretty or smooth manoeuvre but it does need to be quick as the idea is to unbalance the rear suspension.

Step 4. With your hand on the steering wheel at seven to nine o'clock throw the steering wheel away to the right. This now unbalances the front end and the car will automatically fly straight round. If it's a good J-turn the rear wheels will stay virtually still as the front wheels spin around to the front.

Step 5. Look forward, clutch down and into first gear. Drive away.

How hard is that? For automatics the final step is even easier as you don't use the clutch.

Step 5. (Automatic) Look forward, change from reverse into drive and away you go.


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