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Best Auto Insurance - How To FindWhen it comes to finding the best auto insurance company and rates, it is really going to boil down to a couple of factors. You may be someone who is seeking a cheap policy for a vehicle that is old and rarely used. Or maybe you are shopping for a policy that covers the family car. Either way, let’s take a look at some ways you can acquire some reliable and affordable auto insurance.
Car Insurance | Views: 598 | Added by: Vik | Date: 27.08.2013 | Comments (0)

Auto Insurance Savings TipsHow much money do you think you will spend over the course of your lifetime on car insurance? Using the average amount of $1,587 that each American spends on auto insurance annually, we can calculate as follows:

If we say on average that we begin paying for car insurance at age 20 and stop at age 80, it comes out to about $95,820 (60 times $1,587).

What if even as little as 10% of that could be saved? That would mean an extra $9,582 in your pocket!
Car Insurance | Views: 651 | Added by: Vik | Date: 26.08.2013 | Comments (0)

Auto Insurance Myth BustersCar Insurance Myths Proven or Disproved
Car Insurance | Views: 1257 | Added by: Vik | Date: 04.08.2013 | Comments (0)

5 Most Expensive Cities In The U.S. For Auto InsuranceIt costs a lot to insure your vehicle in these cities across the U.S.
Car Insurance | Views: 1170 | Added by: Vik | Date: 02.08.2013 | Comments (0)

5 Car Insurance TipsHow much you pay for auto insurance depends o­n several factors, including your age and marital status, where you live, and what you drive. You can't do anything about your age, and few people will move just to lower their insurance premium. You can, however, choose a vehicle that costs less to insure.

In this article, we'll give you all of the helpful tips you need when getting car insurance.
Car Insurance | Views: 1229 | Added by: Vik | Date: 31.07.2013 | Comments (0)

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