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Tips to sleep in the car

Sleeping in the car is not necessarily convenient, so you should try this if you experience a wagon or a van, allowing folding the backseats and creating a suitable bed space. And of course, we do not recommend this type of "accommodation” more than 1-2 nights, especially if your height exceeds 1,80 m.

Try sleeping only in the car when temperatures are above 15 degrees Celsius, because it is not recommended to sleep with the engine running.

Of course, nothing compares to a good sleep in a comfortable bed. However, there are times when sleeping in the car can not be avoided, for various reasons: either you’re too tired to continue a long way and is safer than falling asleep at the driving wheel, you want to save money in a long journey, you’re drunk or you don’t feel like you can to install the tent.

For whatever reason you prefer to sleep in the car, here are some suggestions, so that you would have a sleep calm and comfortable.

1. Do not park on the road. Not only that this is illegal, but it is especially dangerous: you can be hit by another car or robbed.

2. Do not park on private property without owner consent. You risk to be beated, sent to prison or chased in the night.

3. Do not sleep in the car parking lot from a public park. I do not think you want to have to do with the gangs of the area. Also, do not park under trees, especially in bad weather with lightning and strong winds.

4. Park in a safe place and the car should be oriented to the east if you want to wake up early or west if you don’t want that the sun to wake you up in the morning. Be careful not   to park in the mud.

5. The best that you can sleep is in the car or minivan station wagon, because the total folding rear seat is good for creating a space to "make the bed”.

What do you need or what it would be good to take with you if you are going to spent the night in the car: sleeping bags (and you do not need anything else), a blanket, preferably fluffy for back aches, another blanket to cover with and for those who can not sleep without, a pillow or two. The sleeping bag is perfect: the transportation occupies little space and offers everything you need: mattress, duvet and pillow, the 3 in 1 package. And I can say it’s worthing every penny.

It is best to leave windows slightly open for the fresh air make you sleep deeper.

In addition to the necessary place to sleep, you should still have in the car a flashlight, a bottle of water and toilet paper. Otherwise, each knows best what he would need.

Finally, some of the advantages of sleeping in the car:

- Enjoy the freedom

- You can see the sunset, sunrise and starry sky, and, most important, to admire them

- Saving money

- You can change your parking place whenever you want

- Learn to organize yourself into a small space and you will find that you need so little to feel good

- You will realize that the car is more than a mean of transportation and you will once treasure it
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