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How to test a used car in order to buy it

Buying a car is a very important decision, especially because we’re talking about a used car. Thought of a new car is mentally comfortable, but when we speak and had to take a decision about a second-hand one, things get complicated.

After you have thoroughly examined the body, the interior, the engine layout, we must have a the drive test. Only driving you can see how the car behaves and the suspension elements react, how capable is the engine or how effective are brakes.

1. Start the engine and look at the exhaust system. White smoke is normal, the white-blue smoke announces that the oil is burned, and black smoke indicate in most cases, a high consumption, for petrol engines. Listen carefull to any noise.

2. Suspension. Choose a route you know. Check the car suspension on a paved road. Try not to avoid all of the holes. Thus, you will see how it behave and in what condition it is.

3. Different road conditions. Drive the car, if the owner let you, on various portions of road, such as roads with many curves, country road, slopes, to see how the car reacts. Make sudden turns, short or long turns to see how works the steering system. Is the car stable? Do you feel safe?

4. Engine capacity. Accelerate suddenly, imitating various traffic situations. Can it handle an overrun in a short time ?. How powerful is the engine? Turn on the air-conditioner and see how this affects engine power.

5. Check transmission. If the gearbox is manual, shifts to see how it works the shift and the clutch. If the clutch had to be pressed hard, then, there could be some problems. If the car you want to buy has all-wheel drive, 4WD system, connect and disconnect it, if possible.

6. Brakes play the most important role in driving safety. Accelerates strongly and hit the brake pedal. How quickly the car stops, how many yards ? How the brakes works ? Perform a test at a speed of 50 km / h. The braking must take place instantly, keeping the car on the same direction.

7. Hear all the sounds your car make while you drive it. If the noise is the type of repeated beatings, you could have problems with some joints and it is necessary to replace pivotal bushing. Listen to any noise and try to find the cause. Strong creaking wheels, metallic friction noises, or vibrations felt in the steering wheel balancing machine could mean problems with brakes or wheel geometry. Some of the most serious damage can be observed when the car is stationary.
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