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How do you find the right car for you ?

 7 tips to find the car that suits your personality:

Have you decided to buy a car but do not know which fits the needs, personality and your expectations? Good news: you need the flair of a psychologist, a banker, a pragmatic man, but a pasionate too. You should not miss the mechanical knowledge or even friends with some knowledge. In search of a model that meets your requirements the price is also important.

This vicious circle consists of a multitude of factors that must be followed to keep in mind to make sure that in the end, you made a correct and informed purchase. So take into account:

1. The main purpose of the car. If you want a car for daily routine in a crowded city, the best option is small, low power and versatile, this option helps you slip even where you do not think you will succeed, you can easily park and the money you’ll spent on fuel will be a bearable loss.

If the principal purpose is to travel and the adventure, then you have to get an SUV. Four-wheel drive is essential, and the comfort level is directly related to the budget for this investment.

Obviously, young people in search of thrills will choose a sport like BMW 3 Series Coupe, Hyundai Coupe, Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer, Astra Bertone or why not a Subaru Impreza. Familists instead, opt for body wagon version implemented on a more spacious model, more versatile and safer.

2. Quality / price ratio. Analyze carefully all offers of the auto dealers. Great attention at low prices! These are not always a profitable business. It is preferable to take a lasting car than a low-cost model that does not rise to your needs and expectations. In addition, safety must be the main factor in the acquisition of a vehicle that will have many miles on board. (Number of airbags, ABS, ESP etc).

3. Consumption. You also need to take into account fuel consumption: less money on gasoline gives more money for your own pleasure (attention: not applicable to horsepower lovers oriented generally to strong propulsors). It’s better to do your job with a car than parking it because of high consumption.

4. Maintenance costs. An essential criteria in buying a car is the maintenance costs. Make sure your spare parts doesn’t cost much. Cheap and rare revisions is the key to success. So if you do not have much money you can give up the BMW for an Opel and the Audi for a Chevrolet. PS: If you opt for a new car, make sure you have a great warranty.

5. Take your patience with you! You don’t need to buy the car right now! You may wait several weeks until you’ll find the right car. Until then, you can request more tests to auto dealers. The way you "feels” a car can influence very much your decision. You must therefore take your time to research and to do a market analysis.

Other tips: 1. To make the best choice ask other opinions from friends, family, engineers or car mechanics.

6. Do not take more horsepower than you need.

7. Buy a popular car so you can easily sell without lose.
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