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10 Practical Tricks for the car drivers

Often we find ourselves in situations when we want to solve small & fast personal car related needs. Here are 10 practical tips that can be helpful at different times:

1. Keep in the car a package of wet wipes to remove the hands smell of fuel, after filling the tank.

2. Grease on hands can be removed with baking soda and water.

3. If you have poor lighting in the garage, you can apply reflective tape on the items that you might hit.

4. If the battery terminals are heavily corroded, the most simple and faster to clean them is to pour carbonated drink over them. This will remove corrosion. Baking soda mixed with water has the same result.

5. To clean the windshield wipers wash them thoroughly with baking soda and water.

6. In order not to find your car scratched because you parked the car wrong, on the place of a grumpy driver, you can leave a business card in the windshield or a simple piece of paper with the phone number where you may be contacted to move the car.

7. To protect the carpet inside the trunk, you can cover it with a plastic overwrap. In this way, you will clean easier the trunk and remove simply the oil stains.

8. Write down the date you changed the oil and keep it in the car in a convenient, easy remember place untill it’s time to change it again.

9. Put a dust brush in the car and remove the dust from time to time.

10. Headlights and chrome portions can be cleaned with baking soda.
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