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5 Ways to Stretch Your Gas Tank

As gas prices creep closer to three dollars a gallon, drivers are searching for ways make every gallon count. Below are five ways to stretch your gas tank.

  •  Keep you tires inflated to the appropriate pressure. Under inflated tires require more fuel usage and are an additional safety risk.
  • Tightly secure your gas cap each time after filling up your gas tank. According to Citi and ExxonMobil Corp 147 million gallons of gas are evaporated each year in the United States because of improperly sealed gas caps.
  • Accelerate before a hill, rather than while on it.
  •  Park your car in the garage. This will protect it from harsh temperatures, meaning warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Also, this will reduce your need to blast the air conditioning or the heater to bring your car to an acceptable temperature.
  • In large SUVs and minivans, if possible, remove the third row seating. It can weigh an extra 100 pounds, and extra weight means extra gas.
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