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Top tips for saving fuel

With increased fuel costs, people are doing all they can to reduce the amount of fuel they use.  Ways to do this include buying a more fuel efficient car like one of the many eco cars UK car dealers now offer, or by doing fewer trips in the car. If you’re not in the position to do either of these then remember these tips to help you increase the mileage you can get from your existing car.

Choose your route carefully

If you travel to the same places frequently, check the routes that you are taking. Do you go through a lot of traffic lights or get stuck in traffic?  By finding a route where the traffic flows more easily, or changing the time you travel, you’ll do a lot less stopping and starting and find your fuel economy increases.

There are lots of different satellite navigation systems. By getting one of these and choosing the eco option route the machine can calculate the cheapest route for you and the best route for the environment – which equates to the same thing.

Adopt a smoother driving style

If you are the kind of driver who has to be in front, and is constantly overtaking others, then you’ll probably be using far more fuel than your journeys require. And in the end, aggressive weaving in and out of traffic only saves you a couple of minutes at best.  Instead, adopt a more relaxed approach to your journey.  Only overtake if the person in front of you is giving you cause to brake and slow down. If you don’t accelerate suddenly and slam on the brakes you’ll find that your mileage per gallon improves.

Self-regulate your temperature

Just because the air conditioning is there, you don’t have to use it.  Wear the appropriate clothing so you feel cool in the summer months and warmer in winter.  Using air conditioning increases fuel use by 8 per cent.

When the time comes to upgrade your vehicle you can then factor in fuel efficiency when making your choice.  Honda and Toyota have been manufacturing production hybrids since 1990s, so there are an increasing number of these fuel efficient models now coming onto the second-hand market.
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