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How to maintain your car’s paint and make it look like new?

Any car bodies, either a new one or an old one, needs a regular care. This means that it needs to be cleaned  up systematically, polished up with professional wax, scratches needs to be taken care of, and so on.

Cleaning up a car body is not as simply as it may look to be. If you do not do it properly, your car body would look miserable.

Cleaning up and polishing up are vitals for the car body. Polishing up your car body must be realized twice a year, once during spring and once during autumn. You do it during autumn  in order to protect the car against low temperature and against snow, and during spring you do it in order to protect the car against the UV effects. A polished realized with professional products maintain its effects for 12 months and its resistant for 50 cleanings.

The wax used for polished has to be professional. Otherwise your car risks to collect all the dust it can collect.

There are some colored substances used when you polish up your car which can refresh your paint and even some micro fissures. If on the car body there are some larger scratches, the owners can buy some specials pencils which are applied directly on the scratch which then is polished up. So, without spending large amounts of money, the owners can easily take care of scratches.

For the car to look new and for the paint to maintain its shine, when you wash your car you should use special shampoos which they too have a shiny effect.

The owners have to make sure that the car wash they go to use special detergent. There were some cases when the cars were washed with dish soap and after the car body dried, the paint got dull. If you do not know for sure what kind of detergents are being used, it would be better if you wash the car for yourself. In the USA there is a tradition that every person  has to wash his car at home. For this you have to buy a bucket, a special washing  material and a special drying material.

An another important component are the car windows, for witch  there are also special substances. For car windows there is a special substance that is forming a coating  which makes water drops being evaporate by the streams of air creating during movement.  So, during raining using wipers can be avoided.

Cleaning the car inside is just as important as it cleaning it at the outside.  The dust can be removed using special fabrics made of microfibers, which are not expensive either. For cleaning the glove department there must be use substances that do not leave greasy stains on plastics (Many drivers buy  from the market some low quality cleaners). These cleaners fix the dust and are harmful for out wealth. When cleaning the leather tapestry  the owners must use sprays or creams that clean and hydrate the leather in the same time. As time passes the leather dries and tears and a car has to be beautiful both on the inside and at the outside.
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